What I’ve Learned From 6 Months of Marriage

    my husband–who lived for two years in Germany before we met–always tells me “all good things come outta Germany” followed up with a chocolate or other drool-worthy food reference;) well, maybe he’s right. Turns out, my favorite quote from 2016 came from one of my favorite people on this planet, who just happensRead more

Top 8 Tips For Beginner Hand Lettering (with FREE printable!)

        for a good thirty seconds there i considered naming this post   “top 8 hand lettering tips for when your handwriting sucks”   cause let’s be real….been there. done that.   Hand lettering has made an epic comeback in the past year or two, which makes it seem like everyone andRead more

DIY: Valentine’s Vase

well this is awkward   out of all the topics i’ve blogged about, i’ve never talked about one of my favoritest (roll with the new word) hobbies ever . . .   D O    I T    Y O U R S E L F   P R O J E C T S .Read more

Got Photos?

I finally did it went and bought myself a legit pricier-than-my-entire-wardrobe photography camera (just like every provo girl and her dog has)   …and four lenses… >>> such a proud mama <<<   I’ve talked myself out of this one for a l.o.n.g. time (even though photography has ALWAYS deep down been a interest ofRead more

when you’re really actually pretty sure you’re not good at anything….

that smooth musky smell rich creamy oil paints clinking brushes in the glass easy listening music rolling in the background and that bleached white canvas ……. every painter knows the scenario….and it’s been one of my own again and again. I can get caught up…hours on end….time trickling happily away while I simply sit thereRead more

Charity and Chick-fil-A

once again it’s taken me a while to get this one down. but unlike SO many posts in the past… this one’s because I’m downright .ashamed.   but when i learn lessons, for whatever reason i have this deep-down feeling of obligation to clack away at the keyboard and let the world know. don’t askRead more

the sappy WEDDING DAY post

it’s taken me a full TWO months to know how to post about my own WEDDING like, getting married is the biggest day of your life, correct? and i can’t even start figuring out how to put it all to paper html. #21stcenturystatus   People told me before our big day that it flies by inRead more

missing someone you’ve never met

is it possible? is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met? maybe an unborn child? a deceased loved one? a future spouse?   idk….thoughts i have while lying in bed thirty minutes before my alarm goes off at 6am #FirstWorldPROBLEMS I do, though…think it’s absolutely possible to miss someone we’ve never met. Maybe it’sRead more

Wedding Timeline for LDS Couples

this is another one of those “not-my-usual” posts . . . don’t be too excited;) this one’s hitting the blog now, because I’m in the middle of ready-to-pull-my-hair-out-but-can’t-since-I-need-to-look-good-on-my-big-day wedding planning mode.  geez laweez i had NO idea what it took to pull off a reception…when you’re both from opposite sides of the country….this one isRead more

to the girl who’s never kissed a guy

[preface: like all my posts, this is a personal opinion throw-out that’s based on my own experiences.  it’s not me preaching that everyone should do it my way…. …but maybe it’s something to at least think about…] bringing down walls | | | v here we go   i still vividly remember sitting in thatRead more