hey there! and welcome to my blog!


i’m anna and this is where i come to share my thoughts on life, loving, decorating, diy’s, and a whole heck of random:)

as an intro….

i live in provo UT with my hot hubby, Chad, and work as social media marketer while finishing up school at BYU.



  i’m just an adventurous up-for-anything kinda girl who finds blogging the perfect blend of therapeutic and challenging. Next to blogging, I’m a sucker for fresh smoothies, sports, spontaneous road trips, and laughing till i cry.




why “sand n’ sunshine”? well….as a obsessive beach lover, i’ve learned that life is a lot like sand and sunshine.

Yea, sometimes the sun beats down and burns, 

and the sand gets e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. imaginable


but who can’t help but love the sound of it all?



life is worth loving, despite the ups and downs

it’s simply beautiful in how imperfect it can be 


my life isn’t perfect. no ones’ is.

but being able to share it here

helps me realize how much there is to love about it. 




so thanks for sharing this with me and come on back for more!