Charity and Chick-fil-A

once again it’s taken me a while to get this one down.
but unlike SO many posts in the past…
this one’s because I’m downright
but when i learn lessons, for whatever reason
i have this deep-down feeling of obligation to clack away at the keyboard and let the world know.
don’t ask me why;)
and this isn’t one of those “i learned something so sweet and warm-fuzzy”
it’s more like i got slapped upside the head…
and learned my lesson the hard way kind of thing
>> here goes <<
I’ve been trying REAL hard to not question why almost every driver in Utah County either doesn’t know what a signal is, can’t read road signs, or navigates through lanes slower than January.
“in- in- in- inner peace”
I specifically made it my goal one week to cool the jets while driving and practice some good-ol’ home-grown
chad and I were out (not two days after my “new driver self” had been launched) and decided to grab Chick-Fil-A for lunch.
(dang it….now i want chick-fil-a yet AGAIN. Happy thoughts….)
anywayyyyyys…so we’re driving into the drive-through and lo and behold there’s a car straddling both lanes, almost as if it’s not sure if it wants to go in.
drop all and drive
I verbally expressed confused frustration to Chad, just as the car realized I was coming around behind them and made some weird maneuver into my lane, slammed on the brakes, swerved back out, then off into the other lane.
I was easily irritated at this point, since we’d almost hit them.
As we passed the car in the lane, I thought I caught a stern glare from the woman in the car and immediately I hopped skipped and jumped right into the “i’m SO not in the wrong here” mood.
It was still bothering me while we ordered and the other car sped ahead of us to pick up their food.
I’d reached the “keep it to my self” stage by the time we got to the window, even though there was an ounce of miff in me as the other driver drove off and we pulled up the window.
The waitress clarified our order.
I handed my card out the window.
Then she stopped me,
“Your meal is free today….
the driver in front of you payed for your meal.”
geez laweez that hurt
I don’t know that I’ve ever been more mad at myself for being so quick to judge.
>>> lamest human being moment <<<
and it was SO. real.
I considered myself slapped upside the head and that lesson sunk deeper than any other “object lesson” I’ve ever been given.
(the Lord knows me all too well;)
I learned that day that you NEVER know what other people are thinking,
why the act the way they do,
what their needs are,
of even what they’re thinking about you.
Give people the benefit of the doubt.
is the pure love of
shouldn’t we all try a little harder to just smile and forgive?
I learned it’s worth it to always try
…..cause really…..
… never know who’ll end up paying for your meal….