missing someone you’ve never met

is it possible?

is it possible to miss someone you’ve never met?

maybe an unborn child? a deceased loved one? a future spouse?


idk….thoughts i have while lying in bed thirty minutes before my alarm goes off at 6am

I do, though…think it’s absolutely possible to miss someone we’ve never met.
Maybe it’s that our hearts or spirits that know things our heads don’t.

Sure…it’s illogical…
but you turn down the radio when your GPS says you’re close to arriving somewhere you’ve never been before

.…don’t chya…?


first hand…i’ve felt that feeling of missing someone…
though i guess I can’t say it’s technically someone I’ve never met….
I’ll explain.

it’s happened to me a couple times
and each time it gets deeper and yea…..sweeter.

the other day….7AM….warm toast in hand….I was going through the daily routine of scripture study.
and it hit me again.

I miss Him

yea…i could say i miss my Savior every day…but every now and then I realize just how real and deep that longing is.  My head would argue that I’ve never “met” Him…not in my lifetime…not really.
But my spirit counters.

When I have those moments….that craving for a tangible companionship I know I once had…..a companionship that this life would deem unrealistic…becomes incredibly real.

I know Him

I don’t know what He looks like. I don’t know what His laugh sounds like. I don’t know what color His eyes are, how tall He is, or what it feels like to be held in His embrace.

but somehow…somehow…i know Him better than anyone else i’ve ever met. 
maybe that’s because I know He loves me better than anyone else in this life could.

my spirit and my heart know what my mind does not.

I miss Him

a lot

and even though I’ll go through my entire life, presumably never seeing or “meeting” my Savior with my physical senses….there’s not a doubt in my mind that He and I still know each other at a depth no other relationship will ever match.

my heart knows I know Him
that’s what makes that longing so real…SO real

and that day that I’m reunited with my best friend….

>> that’s going to be the best day of my life <<