Wedding Timeline for LDS Couples

this is another one of those “not-my-usual” posts
don’t be too excited;)
this one’s hitting the blog now, because I’m in the middle of ready-to-pull-my-hair-out-but-can’t-since-I-need-to-look-good-on-my-big-day wedding planning mode. 
geez laweez
i had NO idea what it took to pull off a reception…when you’re both from opposite sides of the country….this one is going in my life accomplishments book (…that SO doesn’t actually exist;). 
when chad and i first got engaged, I scoured pinterest for hours looking for wedding planning timelines, checklists, etc. to try and bring a smidge of sanity to my “i have no idea what i’m doing” approach to reception planning.
while a lot of them were good, they were SO not created with the LDS bride in mind…
>> apparently things are a little different when you’re not spending the US average of $35K on your wedding…..and serving alcohol all night…..that too <<
you think i’m kidding
so when my oh-so-amazing sister-in-law told me she had a timeline specifically for the LDS bride…
make me a happy camper
best. day. ever.
basically…..this isn’t my brain child (wish i could claim it though…based on how DOPE it is). I came up with a few of my own add-ins and line items, but all props go to my s-i-l Rachel…cause this gem is beyond awesome for any LDS girl like me trying to swing a wedding reception and stay sane<3
note: as i’m getting closer and closer to my wedding date, I’m realizing that some of these line items are broken down into time frames that may not be perfectly accurate for every couple.
 BUT…’s SUCH a good guide to go by….really.
just don’t get all frazzled and frizzed if you aren’t able to keep up with it exactly
it’s just a guideline girls;)
ok so leave your thoughts, comments, suggestions, concerns, and occasional bad dad jokes in the comments below!
keep calm and plan onnnnn…..


Timeline for LDS Wedding Planning:
4+ Months Ahead
Set wedding date and time
Tell relatives
Contact sealer (if family or close friend is desired) to request permission to seal
Schedule sealing with temple
Make master plan/google docs/brainstorm lists for each area of planning (playlist ideas, to do list, addresses, venues, décor, guest lists, etc.)
Set a budget
Make invite list for temple
Choose color scheme
Select members of wedding party
Get engagement ring
Choose photographer!
Take marriage prep class in ward
Tell bishop and meet with him
Find a dress, schedule fitting and alterations
Book reception venue
Figure out wedding luncheon location-make invite list for it
Get a premarital exam
3 Months Ahead
Take engagement photos
Choose apparel for bridesmaids & groomsmen
Gather guest lists & addresses
Schedule living ordinance recommend interview with bishop & stake president
Ask 2 witnesses to be sealing witnesses
Set up gift registries
Order invitations
Order wedding cake
Choose food for reception (and wedding luncheon)
Meet with florist/choose décor & flowers
Make honeymoon plans/reservations
Get groom’s ring
Schedule videographer if wanted
Choose flower girl dresses if wanted
Choose bridesmaids and groomsment and notify
Schedule open houses (if from out-of-state)
Select groom’s suit/apparel
2 Months Ahead
Start addressing invitations (send 6 weeks before wedding)
Schedule Bridal Shower/Bachelor/Bachelorett parties
Choose reception music
Make open house(s) guest list
Outifts for leaving reception/favors for leaving reception like bubbles or sparklers if wanted
Pictures & music for slideshow
Bride’s shoes, jewelry, veil/hairpiece
Bridals photo shoot
Find married housing
Hair & make-up appointments/practice sessions
Bridesmaid’s gifts, groomsmen’s gifts if wanted
Finalize food plans
Groom get a good haircut
Outifts for leaving reception/favors for leaving reception like bubbles or sparklers if wanted
Mother-of-the-bride/groom attire
Send something to those on missions if wanted
(Bridal showers and thank you cards)
1 Month Ahead
Get guest signing book
Print reception display photos
Order Thank You cards
Get marriage license
If desired or counseled to do so, read recommended book on marriage relationships and intimacy (Between Husband and Wife, They Were Not Ashamed, etc.)
Get wedding dress cleaned
Last minute reception décor
2 Weeks Ahead/1 Week Ahead
Follow-up on reservations: venues, florist, photographer, cake, videographer, caterer, honeymoon
Meet with photographer/send list of pictures wanted at temple
Groom haircut/trim
Wash and iron/dry clean temple clothes
Pack for honeymoon (start)
Pack for temple
Move into new apartment
Change utilities out of name at old apartments/post office forwarding address for mail
Assign day-of responsibilities to bridesmaids/groomsmen (makeup touchup, train, etc.)
Wedding Day
Read scriptures
Hair & make-up appointment
Be at temple early with recommends, marriage license, rings, dress, touch up items, shoes, jewelry
Escorts at temple early as well
Nap (if possible) before reception
Have a great time!
After the Wedding Day
Change name on driver’s license, Social Security card, insurance
Change health insurance if needed
Change addresses with banks, etc.
Open combined bank account
Write thank you cards